The Top 5 Best Las Vegas Proposal Packages!

Looking For Las Vegas Proposal Ideas?

If you’re planning on getting engaged in Las Vegas, you’ve probably don’t want a plain, ordinary proposal. Look, anyone can go to the Olive Garden and pop the question after unlimited breadsticks… but that’s not much of a story. You want a real Vegas proposal idea full of flair! Something you’ll both remember and talk about forever!

If you’re tired of searching online and coming up with the same tired proposal ideas, you’re in luck. Nowhere on this list will you see a suggestion to go to a restaurant and have them bring the ring out on slice of cheesecake. These are by far the BEST proposal packages in Vegas, as told to us by real couples who have done them.

These proposal packages are in no particular order! We love all four. It really just gets down to what fits your vision of a great proposal. Here we go:

Las Vegas Proposal Package #1: The Magic Proposal Experience

Imagine this: you and your loved one are out on a date night. After dinner, you encounter a real, professional Las Vegas magician. The magician shows you some incredible close-up magic that happens right in the palm of your hands. Not only is the magic amazing and mind-blowing, but the tricks are actually romantic! He talks about memories you’ve made together as he crafts a romantic story around the magic performance. For the grand finale, the engagement ring box magically appears in your hand and you propose!

Vegas is the magic capital of the world, with over a dozen magic shows on the strip. This makes the Magic Proposal Experience one of the most “Las Vegas” ways to get engaged. This is perfect after dinner in a fancy restaurant like the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, or out on the strip. The romantic Venetian Grand Canal area makes for a perfect outdoor setting for this proposal package. See this video below:

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Las Vegas Proposal Package #2: Hotel Room Decoration

A Las Vegas hotel room with romantic decor for a marriage proposal. Balloons, rose petals and "MARRY ME" light up marquee letters are set up

Here’s an idea: you both go out to dinner for a romantic date night. When you return to your hotel room, it’s decorated for your marriage proposal! Rose petals form a trail into the room and are arranged on your bed. There are Vegas marquee letters that light up and say “MARRY ME” right by your window that overlooks the strip. Flickering LED candles provide a romantic accent of light throughout your room. All you have to do is pull out the ring and pop the question.

This is a perfect Las Vegas proposal idea if you want a private proposal, but still want Vegas flair. You’ll create an unforgettable memory for your engagement away from the crowds with this idea.

There are more photos of this proposal package in this gallery

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Las Vegas Proposal Package #3: Venetian Gondola Ride

A gondola sits on the water in the indoor Venetian Grand Canal in Las Vegas

Take a ride on a gondola at the Venetian Grand Canal! As the gondolier sings you a romantic song, you pull out your ring and propose. Easy peasy! This is a great proposal option if you want the flair of Las Vegas with a touch of European romance.

Las Vegas Proposal Package #4: Flash Mob Dance


A couple dances after a flash mob marriage proposal in Las Vegas during the day.

This is the ultimate public proposal idea. Picture this: you’re outside walking around on a date, and suddenly your favorite song starts to play. Someone from the crowd starts dancing to your song. Another random person joins in. And another. And another, until a group of “random” people are performing a choreographed dance routine to your song!

This is definitely a big public spectacle, which is great if you want a proposal that everyone will see. Expect crowds of cheers and applause when you propose. We advise staying away from a flash mob proposal if your partner hates attention!

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Las Vegas Proposal Package #5: Photographer Tour

A woman looks at a man and smiles before their marriage proposal in Las Vegas, as a photographer takes their picture

Take a tour of the Las Vegas strip with your own personal photographer! At the end of a walking tour of some Las Vegas landmarks, you propose for a big surprise. There are many great spots on the strip to propose, making for lots of great Vegas proposal opportunities. What’s more of a Vegas proposal than getting engaged in front of the Bellagio Fountains? Your photographer captures the entire event as it happens. Under the guise of it just being a “photo tour”, this is the perfect Las Vegas surprise proposal!

More photos are available in a gallery here.

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