The Magic Proposal Experience

Our most requested proposal package!

Looking for a truly amazing proposal in Las Vegas? look no further.

HOW can you pop the big question without being ordinary? You’ve searched online for the perfect way to propose – something unique, romantic, AND surprising. You don’t want her to see it coming, and you don’t want to worry about anything going wrong during that special moment.

Yes, deciding how to propose is difficult, but it’s time to relax. You’ve just found the perfect way to propose in Las Vegas.

With the Magic Proposal Experience, you will:
     -Arrange to ‘unexpectedly’ encounter a magician while out in Las Vegas
     -Have a brief, romantic magic show performed for you and your loved one
     -Be shown a final trick that ends in a surprising, romantic proposal!

How exactly does this work?
     -Scheduling and payment are handled on our EASY booking page
     -We send you a personalized email with meeting instructions within 24 hours
     -EVERYTHING about our secret process is explained in detail after booking
     -Our fool-proof method guarantees we recognize and greet you for the performance

You have enough to worry about with choosing and buying an expensive ring, carrying it around with you all day, and making sure you don’t ruin the surprise. You only get one shot to do this right! That’s why we’ve honed this proposal package to perfection, and keep this process HASSLE FREE.

Our 5 star reviews speak for themselves
     -perfect 5.0 rating on facebook
     -“The best decision i have made in a long time” -Jonathan v., facebook review
     -“It’ll be the best decision you ever make” -Gary V., Facebook review
     -“I would give more than 5 stars if I could!” -Kat M., Facebook review

With increasing attention from national TV appearances and viral videos, the schedule for this package gets booked up quickly. To lock in your proposal date and time, click below to select a package and complete the easy booking form.

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  • Approx. 10-12 minute experience
  • Personal performance by Vegas illusionist Rob Anderson (MTV, Comedy Central)
  • Grand Finale: Playing card magically reads “Will You Marry Me?”
  • Souvenir card used in performance
  • Complimentary phone pics sent immediately



  • Approx. 15 minute experience (more magic, more romance)
  • Personal performance by Vegas illusionist Rob Anderson (MTV, Comedy Central)
  • Grand Finale: Ring box magically appears IN YOUR HAND
  • “Will You Marry Me? & “She Said Yes!” banners displayed
  • In-person meeting 1 hour before proposal
  • Complimentary phone pics sent immediately


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