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The Unforgettable Magic Proposal


How It Works:

Our Unforgettable Package lives up to its name, and is for those who are willing to spare no expense to create the most romantic and over-the-top marriage proposal experience for the one they love.

Upon arriving to your hotel in Las Vegas, you are informed that you and up to 20 of your guests have been invited to a private evening of unforgettable magic taking place in your hotel.

When you arrive at the ballroom for your private show, you and your guests are welcomed in and seated before a stage where illusionist and MTV host Rob Anderson performs a 15 minute magic show for your group.

Midway through the show, an illusion is performed that makes you magically disappear from the stage. At the end of the show, your significant other is brought to the stage to assist with a trick that romantically calls back to important memories from your relationship.

For the grand finale, you are made to magically reappear in front of her on stage, holding a bouquet of roses and the engagement ring box. You then propose in front of your family and friends for what is certain to be an unforgettable memory that you will all be retelling for many years to come.

Optional Upgrades:
  • Photographer- $300
    Add a professional photographer to your proposal who will capture your engagement and deliver a set of photos to you in a private online gallery.
  • Videographer – $500
    A videographer will record your proposal in high-definition and deliver it to you online for you to share with family, friends and social media.
  • Guitar Player – $100
    One of our custom made “Marry Me?” banners will be displayed immediately before you pop the question.
  • DIY room makeover kit – Contact Us For Pricing
    Add one of our DIY Proposal Kits to your marriage proposal for 20% off. Decorate a room in your home for when you return from getting engaged to make your evening even more memorable!

*Please contact us first if booking this package for outside of Las Vegas*

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