Deluxe Magical Proposal

The Deluxe Magical Proposal


  • 10 minute romantic magic show
  • 5 romantic magic tricks
  • “Will You marry Me?” & “She Said Yes!” banners displayed
  • Engagement ring magically appears with ring box
  • in-person consultation & wing man service
  • photos sent to you for immediate sharing
How It Works:

You pick a time and arrange with us to ‘unexpectedly’ meet a magician who performs a romantic magic show for you and your loved one.

At the appointed time, after a romantic walk in front of the iconic Las Vegas Bellagio fountains (or your favorite spot in your city), the magician will greet you and the magic show will be performed.

What follows is a 10 minute romantic magic show, with 5 amazing tricks that each relive an important memory in your relationship, from the first date, first time you held hands, first kiss, and so on (nothing inappropriate). During a trick exclusive to the Deluxe Package, you will physically FEEL the bond that you share with your loved one in an impossible way.

As each memory is magically relived, and the magic becomes more and more impossible, the grand finale is the magical appearance of the engagement ring, WITH THE RING BOX. This allows for the iconic moment of dropping to one knee and opening the box as your ask the big question.

You open the ring box and propose just as the Bellagio fountain show begins, for a perfect romantic moment she will brag to her friends about forever.  Perfectly timed to your proposal, huge 7-foot-tall banners are displayed that read “Will You Marry Me?” & “She Said Yes!”.

This proposal can also be performed after dinner in your favorite restaurant, pending the restaurant’s approval.

If you do not have an engagement ring at the time of your proposal, or you would prefer not to let us handle your engagement ring before/during the proposal, there is the alternative option of having the finale of the show being a card trick ending with a card that reads “Will You Marry Me?”

Optional Upgrades:
  • Videographer – $160
    A videographer will record your proposal in high-definition and deliver a professionally edited video to you online for you to share with family, friends and social media.
  • Dozen roses – $35
    The classic romantic gesture! Add a dozen roses to your proposal to give to your new fiancée immediately after getting engaged.
  • Guitar Player – $100
    A guitar player will serenade you and your loved one with a popular love song of your choice as you pop the question. This is the perfect time to have “your song” played, live!
  • DIY room makeover kit – Contact Us For Pricing
    Add one of our DIY Proposal Kits to your marriage proposal for 20% off. Decorate a room in your home for when you return from getting engaged to make your evening even more memorable!

*Please contact us first if booking this package for outside of Las Vegas*

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