Customized Proposals

Fully Customized Proposal

How It Works:

We can customize anything, going as big as you want to go, given the right budget and time to plan.

This page is for requesting a fully customized proposal service. If you are looking for our Magical Proposal service, please click here.

BUDGET REQUIREMENTS: Please note that fully customized proposal requests are accepted on a case-by-case basis, and start at a MINIMUM fee of $3,000. Each week, we hear amazing ideas from people who want to take helicopter rides out into the middle of the desert, have a field of roses set up with a band playing in the background, and then be ferried off to the nicest restaurant in Las Vegas for a private dinner… but are working on a $500 budget. These requests cost serious money, which is why our MINIMUM fee to even respond to a custom request is $3,000 (with a 50% non-refundable deposit required before work begins). If you are working with a lower budget, please see our Magical Proposals or Flash Mob Proposals. Requests for custom service that do not meet our minimum fee of $3,000 will not receive a response.

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