Deluxe Magic Anniversary Experience

Deluxe Magic Anniversary Experience


  • 12 minute romantic magic show
  • 5 romantic magic tricks
  • 1 dozen roses
  • Ring box (or small gift box) magically appears IN YOUR HAND
  • in-person pre-performance meeting & wing man service
  • photos sent to you for immediate sharing
How It Works:

Imagine this: while out on a romantic date in Las Vegas, you ‘unexpectedly’ encounter a professional magician who performs a romantic magic show for you and your spouse.

Imagine watching amazing and romantic magic that happens right in your hands, becoming more and more impossible, with each trick reliving a memory from your relationship. During a trick exclusive to the Deluxe Package, you will physically FEEL the bond that you share with your loved one in an impossible way. Imagine the look on your partners face as you hold out your hand and a ring box magically appears!

As you open the box and show the ring (or small gift) that you have planned for them, they realize that this romantic show has all been a creative plan you’ve set up to celebrate your anniversary!

No special information is required for the magic to work. Our Deluxe Magic Anniversary Experience is the upgraded version of our already incredible Standard Package. The Deluxe Package has been meticulously crafted from beginning to end to give you an unforgettable and romantic way to celebrate your anniversary.

This experience is performed in front of the iconic fountains at Bellagio, unless an alternate location is requested. This performance can also take place at your restaurant table after dinner.

What happens after booking?
  • Within 24 hours, we send you a personalized email with exact meeting instructions & next steps
  • We maintain contact with you to answer any questions you have before the performance
  • We text you with a reminder on the day of the performance (your anniversary is never mentioned!)
  • You will meet with our team one hour before the performance to go over everything and hand over the ring for the final trick
  • Just show up at the performance location on your date/time — we handle the rest!

From booking, to communication, to the performance, we have honed this experience to be not only unforgettable, but EASY and HASSLE-FREE. You’ve seen the videos of this world-class service, and you’ve read the reviews from some of our highly satisfied clients who were once in your position. To secure your performance for this amazing experience, just click “Begin Scheduling This Package” below and fill out the booking form. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours — it’s that easy!

A personal note from CEO Rob Anderson: I want you to feel 100% confident about this experience when you book. If you have any questions at all, contact us and you’ll receive a personal response, usually the same day. Otherwise, click “Begin Scheduling This Package” below now!


Optional Upgrades:
  • Videographer – $175
    A videographer will record your anniversary performance in high-definition and deliver a professionally edited video to you online for you to share with family, friends and social media.
  • Photographer – $225
    Upgrade from our standard complimentary phone photos to a professional photographer that will capture your anniversary in stunning quality.
  • Dozen roses – $45
    The classic romantic gesture! Add a dozen roses to give to your spouse immediately after the performance.

*Special holiday rates will apply for the following dates: February 14, December 24-25, December 31, and Thanksgiving Day. Please contact us first for current pricing before booking these dates*

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