Flash Mob Anniversary

The Flash Mob Anniversary

The Flash Mob Anniversary


How It Works:

It’s the ultimate public show of affection!

At a predetermined time and place, a flash mob breaks into a dance routine for you and your significant other.

The dance routine performed by the flash mob is choreographed by a professional choreographer, and the song can be selected from a list of popular hits.

Optional Upgrades:
  • Photographer – $300
    Add a professional photographer to your proposal who will capture your engagement and deliver a set of photos to you in a private online gallery.
  • Videographer – $800
    A videographer will record your proposal in high-definition and deliver it to you online for you to share with family, friends and social media.
  • Join In The Flash Mob – $175
    We will send you a private instructional video so you can join in the flash mob before you propose!
  • Additional Dancers – $1200
    Upgrade from the standard 8 dancers to a group of 15!
  • Incorporate Friends and Family – $350
    We will send an instructional Youtube video to up to 10 friends and family members so everyone can learn the dance ahead of time and join in!

  • DIY room makeover kit – Contact Us For Pricing
    Add one of our DIY Proposal Kits to your marriage proposal for 20% off. Decorate a room in your home for when you return from getting engaged to make your evening even more memorable!
  • Dozen roses – $95
    The classic romantic gesture! Add a dozen florist-quality roses to your proposal to give to your new fiancée immediately after getting engaged.
  • Banner – $50
    One of our custom made “Marry Me?” banners will be displayed immediately before you pop the question.
  • Live magical “Marry Me” sign – $750
    Unique and unforgettable! A group of magicians will line up and magically make the words “MARRY ME” appear, spelled out across their shirts.
  • Guitar player – $100
    A solo guitar player will play a romantic song as you propose. A favorite add-on among our clients!

*Please contact us first if booking this package for outside of Las Vegas*

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