How To Propose Romantically At Home (10 Creative Ideas)

Planning a proposal while stuck at home? Your at-home marriage proposal can still be romantic and memorable, even if you can’t go out! Here are some ideas and tips on how to propose in the comfort of your own home:

Cook a romantic dinner
Does your partner enjoy being cooked for? Cooking a nice meal is the perfect way to set the scene for a marriage proposal. You could do the cooking yourself, or make it a fun activity that you both do together. Either way, spend some time talking about some memories from your relationship over dinner; this will help build up to the moment when you propose later on. Dress up, light some candles, put on some music, and call it a “fancy night in”. After you’ve built up the romance, say that there’s “one more memory” you want to talk about, as you pop the question with a romantic proposal that you’ll both always remember.

Create a private video slideshow
Imagine this: you’re both on the couch, and you tell her that there’s a video online that you have to show her (the video can be set to private so you are the only one able to view it). As the video begins to play, it turns out that it’s a slideshow of the pictures you’ve taken together, set to your favorite song. You both watch the pictures go by as you re-live the memories from your relationship. At the end of the video, you get down on one knee for one of the best at-home proposals we could think of. If you’ve never created a video before, it’s easier than you think.

Incorporate a pet
Is your dog or cat a big part of your relationship? Why not incorporate your furry friend into a proposal by attaching the ring to their collar? You could call your pet into the room and show your significant other the ring yourself, or let them discover it on their own – either way, this proposal will be a surprise!

Set up a camera to record the reaction
Whichever way you choose to propose at home, you’ll probably want to record it. Set up your phone or a camera somewhere in the room where you plan to propose, and make sure you check how the angle and lighting looks first. Enjoy watching the reaction to your proposal again and again, whether you keep it for yourselves or share it with the world.

Stage a room with romantic items
Just because you’re proposing at home, doesn’t mean it can’t look romantic. Stage any room in your home with romantic items such as candles, roses and rose petals (available at your grocery store florist) and champagne to transform any room into an Instagram-perfect proposal setting.

Create a flipbook or story book that incorporates the ring
Do you have an artistic side? Here’s an idea: write a short storybook or flipbook about your relationship. Incorporate some of your inside jokes, best memories, and especially how you met. At the end of the book, have a secret cutout in a few pages that will contain space for an engagement ring.

Play a love song
Know how to play any instruments? You could play a love song after your romantic “fancy night in” dinner to take the romance up a few notches before you propose. If you’re not musically inclined, stream something on your phone; the effort will not go unnoticed!

Spell a message on the roof in lights
Maybe you have to go “check out a few shingles on the roof” or “clean the gutters”. Not really, but this is a great excuse to string up some Christmas lights that say “Marry Me”. Take your partner outside once it gets dark and propose with this huge display of romance.

Invite friends and family
Let your friends and family in on your plans, and tell them to come over to celebrate with you after you do your creative marriage proposal. Your significant other will probably want to tell all of them how you did it!

Make a plan to celebrate after
Whether you have friends over or not, you should make a plan to celebrate afterward. A bottle of champagne with chocolate covered strawberries is a great way to celebrate a huge occasion such as your marriage proposal. Get ready to make some Facetime calls so she can show off that ring, too!

Whatever you do for your proposal at home, we hope it’s something you both remember for many years together. If you’re looking for a creative proposal in Las Vegas, check out the marriage proposals section of our website for more creative proposal ideas.

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